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Argyll & Buchanan Limited (“A&B”) is a Partner-owned facilitator of prime brokerage solutions, specifically aimed at start-up and emerging fund managers.

We have formal partnerships with leading prime brokers, outsourced trading desks, fund administrators, regulatory hosting platforms, recruitment platforms, educators, independent directors, lawyers and accountants - all of whom focus on emerging hedge funds.

Critically, we have partnered with hedge fund seeders and allocators, focused on the emerging fund manager space.

Why Argyll & Buchanan?

We take the time to understand our clients and their needs. We have significantly streamlined the prime broker search and selection process. With established relationships across the mini-prime space, Argyll & Buchanan is the go-to source for new launches and emerging hedge funds. We also seek to offer the best collective solution for each client, rather than a single boxed solution.

We aren't obsessed with wallet-share. If a client requires an additional prime broker - we can bring them into the equation. If a client is looking to outsource all their trading - we'll make the introduction.

We help in the areas where prime brokers are unable to commit time and effort. The eco-system that we have built in the emerging manager space, was constructed at an executive level. Argyll & Buchanan will always retain a relationship with clients being introduced to prime brokers and service providers to ensure client service excellence is maintained and that the client's voice is heard.

Whether it's a few trades per day or 100 orders per second...Argyll & Buchanan have the relationships you are looking for.

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